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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Hesitates to Reconcile With Girlfriend He Dumped

DEAR ABBY: I broke up with my girlfriend of almost two years last July because I thought I was going to be getting a job overseas and she would be staying in the States. We have always had a long-distance relationship (me being from New York and she from New Hampshire), and it didn't look like it would be any different for the next five or so years what with graduate school, etc.

I was becoming more and more distant in our relationship because I'd see her only for a weekend every other month or so, and the lack of physical contact left me feeling single but unavailable.

It has been many months now, and it turned out I didn't get the job after all. She's now living two hours away, and we're still on good terms. We talk occasionally but never about us. Our families loved each other, and we never had any deal-breaking fights.

Part of me wants to see if she wants to give it another shot, but the other half feels almost embarrassed to ask. What would you suggest I do? -- MUSING IN THE EMPIRE STATE

DEAR MUSING: Sitting around "musing" won't solve your problem. So get off the dime and ASK her before someone else steps in and does!