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by Abigail Van Buren

Siblings Feel Abandoned by Their Widowed Mother

DEAR ABBY: Whenever my husband, "Jim," and I are talking to friends or family and they ask me a question, Jim always answers "for" me. If I am talking with one of my girlfriends, he will jump right in before I have finished my sentence. He does this all the time. I have told him I don't like it, but he won't stop. What can I do to shut him up? -- TRYING TO BE HEARD IN OHIO

DEAR TRYING TO BE HEARD: Obviously, your husband feels that what he has to say is more important than what you have to offer. Because you have told him that it bothers you and have been ignored, enlist the help of friends and family in a team effort. When it happens again, they should immediately respond, "No, Jim. I asked your WIFE that question. Wait your turn." Hearing it may shock him into silence, but he needs it because he has an obnoxious habit.