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by Abigail Van Buren

Problems Pile Up for Man With Too Much Imagination

DEAR READERS: The following poem was written by a longtime reader, the late Jean Wells Rogers. In March of 2002, I printed a poem she had penned titled, "Old-Timer's Bedtime," which contained the heart-warming lines: "We're old and we're wrinkled, but why should we mind? We sleep like two trees -- our branches entwined."

Today, I'm sharing another one of her treasures because it is both timely and relevant. Enjoy!


No one goes hungry

All people are fed

The oceans are clean

Lake Erie's not dead.

The Irish aren't fighting

The Arabs love Jews

The swords are now plowshares

Now ain't that good news?

The water's delicious

The air is so clear

On top of a mountain

You see to next year.

Couples stay married

Children are jewels

Sure got you going!