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by Abigail Van Buren

Roller Coaster Romance Is Making Boyfriend Queasy

DEAR ABBY: I attended a wine testing a few weeks ago where a guest accidentally broke a wine glass. The hostess didn't seem concerned that he might be injured, but she did get upset that the glass was broken.

Before he left, the guest offered to pay for the broken wine glass and the hostess accepted, saying that he owed her $16. He produced a $20 bill, which she pocketed without offering change -- and later bragged to me that she had made money on the deal. I thought her behavior was inappropriate.

She recently confided that she's going to buy a crate of 99-cent glasses and charge $5 apiece if any of them are broken. What do you think of this? -- APPALLED IN BEVERLY HILLS

DEAR APPALLED: The hostess appears to be ethically challenged. If she'd cheat her guests on the wine glass, how can one be sure she's pouring the vintage she claims to be? Frankly, I think she's popped her cork, and if I were you, I'd skip her soirees.