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by Abigail Van Buren

Couple Hides in Apartment When Mom Bangs on Door

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend, "Larry," and I have been together four years. Two years ago, his mother moved into the same apartment complex.

Every weekend, Larry's mother walks over to our apartment and bangs on the door. If we don't answer, she peeks in the windows. If she spots a light on in our apartment, she goes back to hers and starts calling nonstop.

We are trapped! Weekends are our quiet time, and Larry has asked his mother to call before coming over. She ignores his request.

I like to sleep late on Saturday and Sunday. I'm tempted to say something to her the next time she pounds on our door uninvited and wakes us, but I need to be sure she will listen and know I am serious. Any suggestions? -- TRAPPED IN MELBOURNE, FLA.

DEAR TRAPPED: Your boyfriend's mother has the hide of a rhino. She sees her son as an extension of herself, so according to her logic, why should she be shut out?

Your best bet would be to move to a security building where this woman will not have the kind of access to you that she does now. Make it "Larry's idea," because if his mother gets the impression that you're standing between her and her "cub," she'll try to devour you.