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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: My 85-year-old husband is a cash cow for charities. For years, he has given away all of his Social Security money to charitable causes. He says, "If I don't give, who will?" He says we "don't really need" the money. Abby, he gives away more than $15,000 a year!

I am 80. My blood pressure is going through the roof. We live on a fixed income, but he thinks since it's "his" money, he can give it away as he sees fit. He seems to be on everyone's list. He spreads the letters out in a semicircle around his chair every day and sends them all $50 checks! Help! -- GOING BROKE IN MARYLAND

DEAR G.B.: Talk to an accountant or a trusted lawyer and explain what's going on. Perhaps if he hears it from a professional, your husband will be more receptive to the message. If that fails, he may need a conservator.

Also, your wills can be written so that whatever is left in your estate after you are both gone will be left to charities.