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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman's 'Best Friend' May Not Be Marriage Material

DEAR ABBY: I'm an attractive 18-year-old single female from a good family. I enjoy wonderful friendships and am about to begin my first year of college. I was wondering if you could figure out what my problem is, because nobody else can.

Whenever I like a guy, I make it clear with friendly, "interested" actions. (But believe me, I'm not too forward.)

At first, guys seem to like me, too. But then they quickly become uninterested and end up never asking me out -- or even talking to me again! This has happened sooo many times.

Please help. What am I doing wrong? -- DATELESS ON SATURDAY NIGHTS IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR DATELESS: Your friendliness and "interest" may be being interpreted as needy and desperate. This is a huge turn-off for members of both sexes. Tone it down a little, and see if you get better results.

P.S. You might more closely observe what your girlfriends do.