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by Abigail Van Buren

Abusive Supervisor Leaves Worker With No Place to Turn

DEAR ABBY: My 35-year-old daughter, "Linda," moved back home to live with my husband and me. She recently attempted suicide and is now going to counseling for substance abuse and depression. I have tried hard to avoid bringing up old issues that have created problems between us in the past. One issue that keeps recurring, however, is the embarrassing way Linda dresses. The clothes she wears make her look cheap and available.

Should we bite our tongues and keep our mouths shut? -- SILENTLY HURTING IN GEORGIA

DEAR SILENTLY HURTING: Refrain from saying anything critical that could be blown out of proportion at this sensitive time. Your daughter is dealing with far more serious issues than fashion faux pas right now. When it's appropriate, her counselor will probably address the issue of how she is packaging herself. So be patient. In situations like this, timing is everything.