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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Becomes a Shut in to Shut Out Her Neighbor

DEAR ABBY: I'm employed as a legal assistant in a law office with two other people: my boss, "Jerry," and my co-worker, "Evelyn." Before reading further, please understand they are not having an affair.

My problem is that Jerry shows extreme favoritism to Evelyn. Some examples:

(1) Jerry threw an elaborate party for Evelyn on her birthday and did nothing for mine, even though he was aware of the date.

(2) He purchased an "employee incentive" package from an airline to reward "deserving employees" with air miles. Within six months, he awarded all of them to Evelyn.

(3) He ordered business cards for my co-worker and none for me, even though we are both his assistants with the same title.

(4) I suspect Jerry gives bonuses to Evelyn and not to me -- that are based upon the "good work" that both she and I do for the firm.

(5) He's flying Evelyn and her boyfriend first-class to Cancun to attend a seminar with him.

(6) Evelyn and I both exceeded our allotted vacation time last year. Jerry made me pay back the extra vacation days I took, but didn't make the same request of her.

I realize that Evelyn has been a legal assistant for many more years than I have. However, it's obvious that our boss out-and-out favors her. What should I do about it, Abby? -- TREATED UNFAIRLY IN DENTON, TEXAS

DEAR TREATED UNFAIRLY: Take the hint and start looking for a job elsewhere. You are in a no-win situation.