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by Abigail Van Buren

Teen Unsure of What to Do to Help Her Bulimic Friend

DEAR ABBY: I am 52 and have been a widow for nearly 10 years. I am going with a wonderful guy, "Gus," who had quadruple bypass surgery a year ago. Gus is 53. He takes care of himself by watching his diet and doing aerobics. My mother thinks I should break up with him because of his health problems. I've also had health problems -- a blood clot two years ago and total knee replacement early last year.

Gus and I love each other and feel we can support each other through our health challenges. Should I listen to my mother and lead a lonely life -- or make a lifelong commitment to Gus? -- HAPPY AGAIN IN MICHIGAN

DEAR HAPPY AGAIN: Your mother means well, but listen to your heart. It's not the length of your years, but how well you live them that counts. Since Gus takes care of himself, you could both live long, happy lives together.