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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife's Personal Vow Traps Her in Loveless Marriage

DEAR ABBY: I was born with a rare disorder that causes me to have spasms. I also have spina bifida. After many years, I found the man of my dreams, and we are being married next spring. What horrifies me is the fear of having a spasm while walking down the aisle. I have a lovely dress, but how will I get down the aisle gracefully without help from my walker? -- WORRIED BRIDE-TO-BE

DEAR WORRIED: Ask in advance that two reliable friends or family members be seated on the aisle and prepared to help you walk down the aisle in case you need them. Have your walker situated near the altar. Consider taking your vows seated rather than standing. Also consider decorating your walker with flowers and ribbons in case you need it. My best wishes to you and your fiance.