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by Abigail Van Buren

Video Solution May Break Ex Wife's Stalking Habit

DEAR ABBY: I have an almost surefire cure for "Vulture's Prey," the woman and her husband who are being stalked by his ex-wife who jogs, bikes and skates around their house. The couple should make a big show of videotaping her. (They should include a newspaper shot in order to show the date the incident is occurring.)

The woman may be furious, but she will most likely stop. At the very least, the couple will have well-documented evidence to substantiate the necessity for a restraining order. -- BEEN THERE IN TEXAS

DEAR BEEN THERE: Clever suggestion. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: I would like to comment on the letter from "Vulture's Prey," who complained that she and her husband were robbed of their privacy by his ex-wife. I, too, am a second wife. My husband's ex showed up wherever we were. When we were first married, it drove me crazy.

Abby, your advice was right on. However, I would add that "Prey" should start meeting the ex-wife -- and jog WITH her! I'll bet that within days the ex will change the location of her afternoon run. When I started sitting and talking with my husband's first wife at ball games and school functions, she began arriving late and sitting as far away from me as possible. Sign me ... NICE TO WIFE NO. 1

DEAR NICE: You turned the tables on her -- that's interesting. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: I agree with you that the ex-wife needs to get on with her life. However, my situation is different.

My ex-husband comes to our house every day and has become friends with my husband. They spend a great deal of time together.

My ex has custody of our son, but he brings him along when he comes over. Our marriage didn't work, but the friendship has lasted for more than 10 years. -- HAPPY WITH HUBBIES

DEAR HAPPY: Congratulations on the level of tolerance and maturity exhibited by all of you.