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by Abigail Van Buren

These Family Ties Bind Too Close for Comfort

DEAR ABBY: I would like your opinion about a family situation: One of my sisters is marrying my other sister's ex-husband.

My younger sister, "Charlotte," and her husband, "Mel," were divorced because she was unfaithful. My other sister, "Kara," split from her husband because they cheated on each other. Charlotte has three boys and Kara has two girls.

Mel and Kara were both hurting, so they began to console each other. Well, one thing led to another. They have been living together for some time. This has devastated Charlotte. She and Kara used to be close. They no longer speak.

Kara has announced that she and Mel are being married in a formal wedding. Kara has asked our brother to walk her down the aisle, but he has reservations about the wisdom of her decision. He feels his sister has crossed the line.

The wedding is set for June. Charlotte refuses to allow her sons to take part in the ceremony. She plans to take them to Florida that week.

Abby, do you think it is wrong for Kara to marry Charlotte's ex-husband? -- BIG SISTER SUE

DEAR BIG SISTER SUE: What I think about the propriety of this forthcoming union is immaterial.

What I am having trouble understanding is why Mel, whose marriage to Charlotte ended because she cheated on him, would want to marry another woman who cheated on her husband.