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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Wants Small Sparkler to Celebrate Couple's 25 Th

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in a few months. When he asks me what I want, how do I hint to him that I'd like a modest engagement ring without having to come right out with it? I have never had one, and I have never taken off my wedding band during our entire marriage. In fact, I have never worn another ring on my hands out of respect for my wedding band. I would like a small "sparkler" to go along with it, but I'm embarrassed to tell him. It seems almost greedy.

Although we probably should keep all our savings for retirement, we could be frivolous and spend several hundred dollars without breaking the bank. I have put jewelry ads where he can see them, but he doesn't notice them. -- SEEKING A SUBTLE SUGGESTION IN FLORIDA

DEAR SEEKING: Your husband isn't a mind reader, and if you expect him to pick up on a hint, you're taking a big gamble. When he asks what you want for your 25th anniversary, tell him the truth. Tell him you would like a tasteful, sparkling diamond ring to add to your wedding band -- to symbolize the jewel of a man you married so many happy years ago. It's the truth, and I hope it has the desired result.