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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Who's Tired of Husband Finds What She Wants in Class

DEAR ABBY: My mother passed away three years ago. A year or so after her death, my 67-year-old father looked up "Enid," an old girlfriend he dated while he was in his early 20s. She was married, but was happy to meet with him. It didn't take long to rekindle their romance, and as soon as her divorce was final, they were married.

Dad asked her repeatedly how many times she had been married and how the marriages ended. Enid maintained that there were three marriages; one made her a widow, while the other two ended in divorce -- and it was the fault of the husband both times.

One of Enid's family members has tipped me off that she wasn't honest with Dad. There were a total of five marriages and four divorces.

What should I do with this information, Abby? Should I let Dad go to his grave without ever knowing the truth, in order to spare his feelings? Should I tell him? I was raised to value honesty and honor. Please point me to the path I should take. -- WANTS THE BEST FOR DAD IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR WANTS THE BEST: Your dad should be told the truth immediately. There are legal implications when someone conceals that kind of information, and your father should discuss them with his lawyer. Enid could be ashamed of her multiple failed marriages or she could be a shady lady with plenty to hide. Either way, your dad should be given the opportunity to find out whom he's dealing with.