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by Abigail Van Buren

Woman Who Couldn't Cut Apron Strings Lost Love of Her Life

DEAR ABBY: I thought you might enjoy a true story about grandparents as role models. It honors the unsung heroes in our lives:

As a boy, I grew up on Grandfather Herb's farm. He also worked as a school bus driver. In my eyes, his wisdom was boundless.

After years of listening to my grandfather's stories, it seemed logical to ask his opinion about my career choice. I had become a teacher in an inner-city school and was doubting my "calling" to teach difficult students.

Grandpa Herb told me to look at my hands. "See," he said, "there are 10 fingers. They are all different and useful. But you don't remember the nine good fingers when you have a sore thumb!"

His "sore thumb" analogy helped me to see past problems and focus on the nine "good fingers" in my classroom. I've been teaching for more than 20 years now, and I thank heaven for my wise grandfather who taught me to focus on what's really important. –- ISADORE "IZZY" SORCE, GREENFIELD, WIS.

P.S. Grandpa Herb is now 95!

DEAR IZZY: Only 95? Thumbs up for Grandfather Herb. He's wise beyond his years.