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by Abigail Van Buren

Parents Who Shower Together Can Safely Leave Their Kids

DEAR ABBY: Hello? Is anybody home? How could you agree with "Lucy in Cheyenne, Wyo.," who admonished married couples not to shower together because they leave the children unsupervised when they do? Tell that ice cube to get a life!

Are we to assume that single parents don't bathe? Or that in a two-parent household, Mom doesn't shower unless Dad is at home to watch the kids? Do they take turns sleeping?

Obviously, Lucy never had kids. And, with her negative attitude about physical closeness, she probably never will! -- JOYCE IN DOLTON, ILL.

DEAR JOYCE: Cool off. Lucy and I both stand corrected. As long as the child is secured in a playpen or a child-proofed room, it's probably going to be just fine if the parents take a shower break. Read on:

DEAR ABBY: I am so steamed, I can hardly sit still to write you!

As an extremely busy mother of three active boys (one with special needs), I want to tell "Lucy" to MYOB.

Couples have to give up a lot (albeit willingly) when their children are born. Sneaking a few private moments in the shower while their little ones are asleep or behind a security gate is neither neglectful nor unsafe.

Why? Baby monitors! They are so sensitive you can hear your child breathing, much less waking up and crying for attention.

Loving, affectionate parents who enjoy intimacy are among the greatest gifts you can give a child, assuring them of a stable home life. -- MAD REDHEAD IN TEXAS

DEAR MAD REDHEAD: That's true. Couples who play together usually stay together.