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by Abigail Van Buren

Couple's Special Wedding Gift Has Value to Others as Well

DEAR ABBY: My fiance and I are being married next year, and we have decided to start a new wedding tradition. Along with registering for housewares, china and place settings, we are requesting something straight from the heart of each of our guests.

We are asking our friends and families to donate blood in honor of our marriage! We want our guests to have the opportunity to give a gift that will truly last forever in someone's life. We have been donating blood together for several years, and it makes us feel great.

Our local blood center will set up a group number especially for our guests to use when they come in to give blood. They'll also keep track of the donations so we'll be able to personally thank each donor for his or her special gift.

Knowing that we have helped to save lives will add to the joy we will experience on our wedding day. -- BLEEDING HEARTS IN DENVER

DEAR BLEEDING HEARTS: I commend you and your fiance for your ingenuity and generosity. You've come up with a bloody good idea, and I hope it inspires others.