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DEAR ABBY: My husband and I recently remarried after 10 years apart. He is 70; I am 58. The subject is a delicate one.

During the last seven of our years apart, my husband was sexually inactive -- and unfortunately atrophy has set in. This is a generous and giving man, Abby, and we have a lot of physical love-sharing. The problem? He opposes Viagra. Not having "that" part of love-making available to us is an incredible loss for me. It is for him, too, I am certain. I pray about it and talk to friends, but nobody has offered us any help.

My questions for you are: Is it possible this male dysfunction thing will reverse itself? And are there other options besides Viagra? Given all the bad news, do you have any advice on how to cope with this? -- LOOKING FOR MIRACLES, MERIDIAN, MISS.

DEAR LOOKING: Male sexual dysfunction that persists for seven years rarely reverses itself without medical or psychological intervention. Your husband is long overdue for a complete physical examination, and if a cause isn't determined, he should ask for a referral to a urologist to determine the cause. And yes, there are other options besides Viagra. The doctor will be delighted to enlighten him.

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