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by Abigail Van Buren

Good Laugh Goes a Long Way in Healthy, Loving Relationship

DEAR ABBY: In the continuing saga of how men are different from women, let me share this with you.

Peter, my significant other, was involved in a men's counseling group. One of the topics about which they were to report back during their next meeting was "What Women Want From Men in Their Relationships." Members of the group discussed reading the "Women Seeking Men" personal ads to get a better understanding of what women want. (Pretty ingenious if you think about it!)

I told Peter he should do some home study and ask me. I explained that women need to feel loved, wanted, beautiful and needed by their partner. I was in the only bathroom of our home putting the finishing touches on my face, and I asked Peter if he thought he had recently met these qualities in our relationship.

His clever reply was: "I LOVED you last night. I WANTED you to make coffee this morning. You look BEAUTIFUL today -- and I NEED you to get out of the bathroom RIGHT NOW!"

May I add that one important quality women need from men in a relationship is HUMOR. Humor makes anything possible -- and I thank the Lord that my darling has it in abundance. -- SUSAN IN SANTA FE, N.M.

DEAR SUSAN: Peter got his message across, so he is a skilled communicator. And because he's in a counseling group, it's apparent he's interested in personal growth. I think you've found a "keeper."