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by Abigail Van Buren

Mother's Materialism Sparks Spirited Protest From Readers

DEAR ABBY: In an age where infidelity and sexual violence rule the headlines, it angers me that this mother feels that "'Arnie,' a fine young man who loves my daughter," who admirably attends college part-time while working, is not making the grade.

So Mom is concerned that her daughter might have to forgo the new cars and nice vacations she has grown up with, and live with a more average income? Please! Yet the letter is signed "A Loving Mom." How about "A Materialistic Mom"? If daughter was as concerned as mother about living on Easy Street, my guess is that she would have dumped Arnie long ago.

I vehemently disagree with your advice to the mother to have a talk with her daughter. Abby, it's the MOM who needs a talking-to. Well-meaning she may be, but I wish she'd wake up to the idea that love and wealth do not go hand-in-hand. -- RANKLED IN ROCHESTER, N.Y. (A MALE READER)