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by Abigail Van Buren

Dog's Devotion to Its Master Deserves Kindness in Return

DEAR ABBY: I recently took a vacation trip to Hawaii with a friend. The vacation itself was fine, except for the airplane flight.

Upon taking our seats, we noticed a young woman with long hair seated directly in front of us. She immediately started running her fingers through her hair and flipping it over the seat. Then she leaned her chair back and continued to toss her hair over the back of the seat. In fact, she didn't even lean forward for the meal. She was not asleep or reading. This went on for the entire five-hour flight!

We asked her to please lean forward so we could get by to go to the bathroom. When she moved, she made a snide remark and gave us a look that could kill. The seat was immediately returned to the completely leaned-back position -- hair hanging down and all.

Hey, you're trapped on a plane, and when it's full, there is no place to move. How could I have handled this without an ugly confrontation? Sign me ... HARRIED PASSENGER

DEAR PASSENGER: You could have asked the flight attendant to speak to the long-haired passenger. Inconsiderate people rarely see themselves as others see them. Bottom line: The right to swing your arms (or hair) ends where the other person's nose begins.