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by Abigail Van Buren

Honesty Is Alive and Well in State Full of Aloha Spirit

DEAR ABBY: Recently my sweetheart left all his credit cards, two checkbooks and $300 in cash in the basket of a shopping cart in the parking lot of a large supermarket. This was in a poor neighborhood with a high unemployment rate where many people are living on the ragged edge of poverty.

Two hours later, with little hope of recovering his money and credit cards, he went back to the store. Imagine his surprise to learn that somebody had turned in his credit cards, checkbooks and the $300 in cash!

In Keaau, Hawaii, where this occurred, they call it "the Aloha spirit"; in the rest of the country, we call it human dignity and integrity. -- L.P., OLYMPIA, WASH.

DEAR L.: Thank you for a letter that reinforces the fact that there are still people in this world with integrity.

How unfortunate that the person who turned in the checkbooks, credit cards and cash didn't leave his or her name or telephone number in order to receive a thank-you or a well-deserved reward.