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by Abigail Van Buren

Disgusted Magazine Fan Is Suffering Ad Nauseam

DEAR ABBY: I am totally disgusted with magazines these days. I've been keeping a running tally and I refuse to renew subscriptions to magazines that are one-half to three-quarters ADS!

I read my magazines from cover to cover, except for the ads. (My radio, newspaper and television give me all the advertising I can stomach.) Abby, I remember when magazines contained interesting book-length novels that were serialized month to month -- also some wonderful "special offers." Can't you urge the publishers of magazines to bring them back? I realize that ads bring in big bucks, but so do subscription checks! Aren't publishers interested in making their readers happy?

The full-page ads and parts thereof added up to:

May 1991 Ladies' Home Journal, 111 3/4 pages of ads; June 1991 Home, 47 out of 116 (I will renew); June 1991 McCall's, 74 1/2 out of 142; May 1991 Redbook, 92 out of 170; June 1991 Redbook, 52 out of 130; May 1991 1001 Home Ideas, 46 1/2 out of 96; June 1991 Victoria, 34 2/3 out of 126 (I will renew); September 1990 Reader's Digest, 75 out of 237 (I will renew).

Abby, can you add voices to people like me who are calling for a change to these policies? -- BEVERLY GARBER, HARRISONBURG, VA.

DEAR BEVERLY: Now that you've made me "ad" conscious, I counted the number of advertisements in Lear's -- 30 out of 100 pages were ads. (I will renew.)

DEAR ABBY: I have a friend who is an intelligent, single woman in her late 20s. She dresses well and is proud of her slim figure. We frequently have dinner and see a movie together. She loves pepperoni pizza, so very often we go to a pizza parlor, where she orders two large pizzas, one after the other! Then she goes to the restroom and -- you know the rest. (She forces herself to throw up.)

I know this can lead to serious health problems. Do I have the right to tell her she should stop doing this before it ruins her health? -- SORRY FOR HER

DEAR SORRY: Yes. Compare it with the "right" to warn a person who is stalled on the railroad tracks that a train is coming.

Your friend appears to suffer from "bulimia" -- a compulsion to overeat.

She should see a doctor who will refer her to a professional who specializes in eating disorders and behavior modification.

DEAR ABBY: Please do a kindness to animals and publish this for all your readers to see:

Always make sure that your discarded glass containers are clean or covered with a lid.

All empty tin or aluminum cans should be crushed because a hungry little animal looking for food could push its head inside the container and be unable to get it out.

What a horrible way to die! -- E.J. IN NAPLES, FLA.

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