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by Abigail Van Buren

If God Set Up a Picket Line, We Would All Be Out of Luck

DEAR ABBY: I am living proof that a person is never too old to learn. I have had a fingernail-chewing habit since I was a young boy. I tried everything I ever heard of to break the habit. Nothing worked -- until I read about a "cure" in, of all places, your column! You suggested wearing a rubber band around the wrist, and whenever the nail-biter picks up his or her hand to chew a fingernail, snap the rubber band instead.

Here I am, an 80-year-old man who finally found a cure for a habit I have hated nearly all my life. The rubber band I wear on my right wrist at all times is an eighth of an inch wide, and it's loose and comfortable.

I am signing my name, which you have my permission to use if you wish. Thank you, Dear Abby. -- WILLIAM (BILL) ISAKSON, HOLIDAY, FLA,

DEAR MR. ISAKSON: I am delighted to have been of help. I'd give you a snappier answer, but it might be stretching things a bit. So, congratulations, and all good wishes to you.