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by Abigail Van Buren

Get-Well Wishes Go Astray if Not Carefully Addressed

DEAR ABBY: Last Friday, some friends and I went to a nightclub to listen to the band and have a drink. Shortly after I arrived, a very attractive man asked me to dance. (I'll call him Bill.) We hit it off immediately, and he asked if I was married. I told him I wasn't, and he said, "That's great -- neither am I." I invited him to sit at our table, and I found him to be a really neat guy.

At the end of the evening, Bill said his ride home had left, so I gave him a ride home. He told me his roommate had guests over and he didn't want to intrude, so we parked in front of his place and talked and kissed for nearly two hours. When we finally said goodbye, we had spent four beautiful hours together.

Before leaving, I gave him my phone number with high hopes of hearing from him. (He gave me no phone number.)

A few days later, a friend who had been at the club when I first met Bill told me that Bill is a married man who lives with his wife and four children. Abby, I was shocked. If he calls me, what should I say? -- SHOCKED IN FRESNO

DEAR SHOCKED: Tell him that you learned that he is married, and you have no time for married men. Then say goodbye!