Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Wife's Constant Need to Remodel Exhausts Husband

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Since moving into our house less than five years ago, we have repainted our living room/dining room, kitchen, and lower half bath twice each. We have also arranged and rearranged the furniture in every room at least five times. Nothing seems to satisfy my wife, who is good about not always spending money besides for paint, but can’t seem to be happy with even her own redesigns.

I am glad my wife has what my mother keeps calling “house pride”, but it gets to be a lot, especially since the painting eats up so much of our weekend time. It’s like it’s a hobby or something for my wife, but I would like to get other things done, not just around the house.

When is enough redecorating enough? --- NO MORE PAINTING, PLEASE

DEAR NO MORE PAINTING, PLEASE: Have you let your wife know you’re burning out on the updates? She may think this is something you enjoy to the same extent as she apparently does.

One suggestion would be to tell her how much you like the current configuration, and that you just want to enjoy it for a while.

Another idea is to help her explore different ways to channel her creative energy. It could still be home-related, such as some decorative art or craft that she could explore, which would likewise enhance the look of your home, without redoing rooms every few months.

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