Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Mom Not Happy About Daughter's Decision to Register as an Organ Donor

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I’m the last kid in the family to get their driver’s license. I’m also the only one who opted to be identified as an organ donor, and that is flipping my mother out. She thinks that if anything happens to me, the doctors won’t try to save me so they can get my organs, and all sorts of strange things like that.

I’m over 18 and entitled to register my desire to be a donor. What is my mother’s problem? --- PROUD TO DO MY PART

DEAR PROUD TO DO MY PART: I think you’re doing a fine thing by registering as an organ donor.

My take on your mom’s reaction is that like all of us, we don’t like to think about bad things happening to anyone we love. Your choice placed the reality of your mortality in front of your mom, and I can see how that might flip her out some, especially given what’s been happening these past few months.

Be patient with her. In time, she may get used to the idea, or at least get better at dealing with it.

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