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Blogger Shares TMI for GF's Comfort

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My girlfriend is incredibly creative and talented and one of the best writers I know. About six months ago she started a blog, and lately she’s started getting into writing about her relationships — past and present.

I’m not an overly private person, but some of what she shares is getting me a little uncomfortable. Although she writes under a different name, all our friends know who she is and that she’s in a relationship with me.

I have mentioned to her how uncomfortable some of what she is putting out there makes me, but she says nobody will take it all that seriously, and she wouldn’t put in anything too personal, but I feel she already has.

Am I just being uber-sensitive? --- THE BLOGGER’S GIRLFRIEND

DEAR BLOGGER’S GIRLFRIEND: Writers have long taken inspiration from their own lives, and it’s often something that comes with the territory for those close to them. In the case of bloggers in particular, what happens in their lives is what they’re most likely to write about.

It may not be enough to tell her you’re just not comfortable with her writing about your relationship, especially since it’s presumably a big part of her life. Perhaps it’s time to be more specific about what you consider fair game and are alright with her posting and what you strongly believe is too personal for public consumption.

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