Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Grands Too Generous with Loan of Car

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Shortly after retiring, my wife and I decided we could manage with one car, and it worked out well. Until our grandson got back from college, that is. He is still looking for a job, and guess whose car he is always asking to borrow for interviews and other “important” errands.

We have spoken to his parents, more than once, about this, and they say they can’t do much because they are still working and need their cars. I think providing a set of wheels for their son is their job more than it is ours.

As usual, my wife does not want to make waves, but when we find ourselves having to schedule the use of our own car around our grandson’s needs, I think something is out of whack. Don’t you? --- WANT MY WHEELS BACK

DEAR WANT MY WHEELS BACK: You’re absolutely right to want priority use of your car. You’ve already been generous and supportive; now you need some consideration in return.

Since your grandson’s parents don’t have a car to lend him, maybe they can set up an Uber or other car service account for when he needs a ride and you don’t have one to conveniently offer.

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