Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Grandfather Hates How Granddaughter Dresses

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I remember my ex-wife complaining about how hard it is to dress little girls in clothes that don’t make them look like mini-hookers or rock stars. She must have done a really good job with our daughter, because I don’t remember any problems when she was little. When our daughter was a teenager, that was a different story, but not as a little girl.

My granddaughter just turned 8, and the outfits she shows up in make Madonna look modest. And forget about it if I say anything to my daughter! What can an old fart do to keep his granddaughter looking like a kid? --- OLD-FASHIONED GRANDPA

DEAR OLD-FASHIONED GRANDPA: Do you have any sense of who’s picking out your granddaughter’s wardrobe? If it’s your granddaughter’s choice, your daughter may be touchy because she too is not a fan of her child’s choices. If that’s the case, then you could try supporting your daughter in a crusade to remind your granddaughter she’s still a kid and should dress like one; not to mention that the grown-ups get to have the final say.

On the other hand, if the choices are your daughter’s, then it’s trickier, since she may see your concerns as a criticism of her parenting. You could try tagging along on a shopping trip to get a sense of things, and maybe also take advantage of the opportunity to make some gentle suggestions of items you think would look good on your granddaughter, without harping on their appropriateness.

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