Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Son Tired of Mother's Constant Reminding

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My mom is driving me crazy with her always calling or texting me with reminders of stuff she wants to make sure I don’t forget to do, like I am a kindergartener or something, instead of an adult man. I asked my sister about whether or not Mom does this to her, and she told me no.

How do I get my mother off my back? --- NOT A LITTLE KID ANYMORE

DEAR NOT A LITTLE KID ANYMORE: I agree that adults should be treated like adults, but it’s up to them to act that way. Have you given your mother cause to believe you might not be the most organized person in the world?

If you believe your mom is unfairly singling you out, or not trusting you to take care of things for yourself, by all means, talk to her; but also listen to what she has to say about how she sees you getting by. It may be that she’s having trouble cutting the apron strings ─ or that you actually could use a little nudge now and again.

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