Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Husband Wigs Out Over Wife's Wig Collection

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: Last year my wife had real issues with her hair. She had over-processed it (her stylist’s phrase) and it was getting brittle and looking kind of weird. She started doing all this stuff to get it back to normal, but in the meantime, she bought a wig that was really close to her own color. I thought it looked okay, but her own hair didn’t bother me, and I know she was starting to take better care of it.

That first wig started something. She got so many compliments on the way she looked with the wig that she decided to go out and get another one, just for fun. Six months later, she has spent nearly $3000 on wigs, and in the meantime her own hair is looking normal again.

I have hinted to her that maybe she’s overdoing it with the wig thing, especially since she doesn’t make the kind of money to be able to afford a $200 or $300 wig every few weeks. How do I convince her she doesn’t need and can’t afford all the wigs? --- WIGGING OUT IN TEXAS

DEAR WIGGING OUT IN TEXAS: Reassuring your wife that you think she looks good without the wigs may help, but if she’s sporting them to have some fun and feel good about the way she looks, that probably won’t get her to stop, and why should she?

My worries are the potentially detrimental cost of this expensive collection, and more importantly, that it may be an indication she’s not happy with her usual appearance. Hinting will only get you so far. Honestly letting her know your worries go beyond the superficial might be what she needs to understand you think there may be cause for concern.

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