Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Thieving Grandkids Take Advantage of Grandparents

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: We have three grandsons and a granddaughter. My wife and I have always gotten along well with them, until lately. One of the boys and his sister have started taking things from our house when they visit. They must think we don’t know, but it’s hard to ignore things going missing almost every time they drop in.

Their parents have been having a rough time with their jobs, and I hate to pile this on them too, but don’t you agree it’s time to bring them into it? My wife thinks we should just take care of it ourselves, but I don’t think that’s enough? --- GETTING PICKED CLEAN

DEAR GETTING PICKED CLEAN: I agree with your wife that you need to confront your grandkids directly with what you believe they’re doing. I also agree with you that their parents need to be told what’s been happening. Their job situations may be behind what the kids behavior, but whatever the cause, something isn’t right when grandkids steal from their grandparents.

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