Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

How Long Is Too Long in the Wrong Job?

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: When I started my current job, I had a really good feeling about it that it would be something I would want to do for a long time.

Now that I have learned everything I can expect to learn from it, I am beginning to hate the job. There is nowhere else in my company I could go, and I am beginning to feel like I made a bad choice when I took it.

I have only been here for less than nine months, but I feel like I need to make a change.

How long do I have to stay with a job I hate to keep me from looking like a job-jumper? --- SCARED TO JUMP

DEAR SCARED TO JUMP: Without knowing how many other jobs you’ve had, or how long you’ve stayed with them, it’s hard to say if you come off as a job jumper. It’s unfortunate that this one isn’t working out for you, but that happens.

If you truly feel you’ve done all you can with your current job, and that you’ve hit a dead end, you could start looking around, but don’t expect to land a perfect job next time. Try to find something with growth potential for your sake ─ and that of the employers who will be investing in you.

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