Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

LW Trying to Second-Guess Gender Reveal Party Invite

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: My granddaughter is expecting her first baby, and she just invited my husband and me to a “gender reveal” party. I’d never heard of this before and didn’t know if this is the new baby shower, or if there will be another event.

I don’t want to seem cheap, but we live on a kind of tight budget and I don’t know if I’ll be expected to give a gift for two parties or just one. I don’t want to embarrass my granddaughter or myself by asking. Would it be tacky if I did just so I know if I need to do one big or two smaller gifts? --- BAFFLED GRANDMA-TO-BE

DEAR BAFFLED GRANDMA-TO-BE: I only became aware of the gender reveal party trend within the last year, so don’t feel bad about being out of the loop.

Since you want to be able to budget for gifts for your grandbaby but feel awkward asking about a shower, I’d say go modest for the gender reveal party. Then, if there isn’t a shower, give the gift you would have given when the baby arrives.

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