Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

House Rules Trump Young Love

I’ve been seeing a girl for nearly two years and things are going really well. We go to the same college but come from different parts of the state. On long weekends and breaks, we switch off spending them at her parents’ house and mine. Her mom and dad are cool with us sharing a bed when we’re at their place, but my mom and dad don’t allow it, even though they know we pretty much live together at school.

What can I do to convince my parents to let us sleep in the same bed when we’re at my home? --- JUST WANT TO BE WITH MY GIRLFRIEND

DEAR JUST: Your mom and dad are not alone. An informal poll of several of my fellow parents of young adults resulted in a majority consensus on the side of separate sleeping accommodations during home visits.

While your girlfriend’s parents have different opinions on this subject, your mom and dad are entirely entitled to their own views. Hopefully they accept your relationship and respect you and your girlfriend as adults. You need to return that respect and follow their house rules, even if you don’t like some of them.

Your love will keep for a few nights, and by making things less awkward for your family, everyone has a less stressful chance to enjoy visits and the opportunities to get to know each other little better.

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