Ask Someone Else's Mom by Susan Writer

Nasty Client Hard to Deal With

DEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S MOM: I work at a temp-to-hire placement agency. Most of my clients are easy to work with, but there is one man who, no matter how much I bend over backwards to get him placed, he either is a no-show or lasts a day or two. That sometimes happens with other clients, but what makes it different with this man is that he blames me for everything that goes wrong.

No one else in the agency will take him on, and our boss has the philosophy that short of an ax murderer, we should be able to get at least temp work for everyone who walks in the door.

I don’t want to keep representing this man, because not only does he give me grief, but it doesn’t look good for the agency or me with the companies where I try to place him. I have to do something, but I’m afraid to approach my boss and don’t know what else to do. --- TIRED OF MR. NEGATIVE

DEAR TIRED OF MR. NEGATIVE: I’d imagine this is not a totally atypical situation for any employment agency, and if you’re going to stay in the field, you’re going to need to develop some tools for working with the less pleasant clients.

If you’re reluctant to talk to your boss, are there any more experienced coworkers you’re comfortable going to for advice? If not, you may be stuck going to the top. It sounds like this client is a known commodity. Even if your boss refuses to “fire” him, perhaps he/she can help guide you in what to do in his case.

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