Andrews McMeel Almanac by the Editors at Andrews McMeel Syndication

Andrews McMeel Almanac For August 9, 2020


Today is the 222nd day of 2020 and the 51st day of summer.

TODAY'S HISTORY: In 1842, the Webster-Ashburton Treaty was signed by the United States and Canada, delineating the eastern section of their shared border.

In 1945, the United States dropped the "Fat Man" nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.

In 1969, followers of Charles Manson murdered actress Sharon Tate and four others at Tate's Los Angeles home.

In 1974, Gerald Ford was sworn in as the 38th U.S. president following Richard Nixon's resignation.

TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: John Dryden (1631-1700), poet/dramatist/critic; Bob Cousy (1928- ), basketball player; Rod Laver (1938- ), tennis player; Sam Elliott (1944- ), actor; Whitney Houston (1963-2012), singer; Brett Hull (1964- ), hockey player; Hoda Kotb (1964- ), news anchor; Deion Sanders (1967- ), football and baseball player; Gillian Anderson (1968- ), actress; Eric Bana (1968- ), actor; Chris Cuomo (1970- ), journalist; Chamique Holdsclaw (1977- ), basketball player; Anna Kendrick (1985- ), actress.

TODAY'S FACT: U.S. Secretary of War Henry Stimson persuaded the Target Committee to take Kyoto, Japan, off the short list of possible nuclear targets during World War II because of its cultural and religious significance to the people of Japan.

TODAY'S SPORTS: In 1988, 27-year-old Wayne Gretzky, already considered among the greatest players in the history of hockey, was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings.

TODAY'S QUOTE: "It's an honor to be considered in the same breath, but I'm not Michael Jordan. I'm the first Chamique Holdsclaw. And I think that's where the women's game has to get to, when women are recognized on their own." -- Chamique Holdsclaw

TODAY'S NUMBER: 4 -- gold medals claimed by Jesse Owens at the Berlin Olympics. He won the fourth in the 4-x-100-meter relay on this day in 1936, becoming the first American to win four track-and-field gold medals in one Olympiad.

TODAY'S MOON: Between full moon (Aug. 3) and last quarter moon (Aug. 11).