The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Xander was in shock after Zoe told him the story about Reese switching Hope’s baby for a baby that was stillborn, and then selling the baby to Steffy’s mother. Xander insisted Hope and Liam be told the truth, but Zoe refused, saying that she, Flo and Reese would go to prison. Ridge told Steffy it would be best for her, Liam and the girls if she and Liam were reunited. Liam blasted Thomas for making Hope believe it was best to annul her marriage. Xander said he had to talk to Hope and Liam, who were about to sign annulment papers.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: When Claire’s cellphone rang while she waited on Ben and Ciara’s table, Ben realized it was the ringtone he heard just before he rescued Ciara from the burning cabin. Ben set out to confront Claire as Marlena realized that Claire had set the cabin fire. To get Brady’s attention, Kristen (disguised as Nicole) falsely said that Eric attacked her. Kristen (as Nicole) had a hissy-fit after Brady told her that there was no way they would get back together. While searching for the formula that Dr. Rolf used to resurrect Will, who is dying, Eric told Sarah that Rolf had developed a facial mask that could change a person’s appearance. Xander made a drunk Maggie think she had merely imagined seeing Kristen. J.J. left Haley with Tripp and went to Salem to stop Jack from jailing Jennifer for assault. Claire set fire to the Horton cabin after finding Tripp and Haley together.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: After several people, including Ava and Curtis, said that Ryan should die, someone injected his IV with a substance that caused him to have a seizure. Finn and Liz saved Ryan’s life, but he wasn’t grateful. Ryan continued to refuse to give Jordan one of his kidneys until Stella warned him that “someone” could successfully send him to hell. Ryan took the threat seriously and agreed to donate a kidney to Jordan. Drew and Kim left to scatter Oscar’s ashes on Mount Kilimanjaro. Valentin is not happy about Nina working for Jax. Alexis, who did the legal work, told Jax that he is now part-owner of Drew and Sam’s company, Aurora Media. Michael agreed to Sasha’s suggestion for a second date after the first one ended with drinks in her hotel room. Shiloh was arrested for attempting to rape Sam, who has the attack on audiotape.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Rey worried when he saw Adam and Sharon talking while he was following Nick’s orders to keep tabs on Adam. Adam is determined to reclaim his “old” life, despite the fact that Sharon told him Chelsea married a man who has adopted Connor after she came to terms with Adam’s “death.” Sharon said that Chelsea won’t let him see Connor because she fears the child would be traumatized. A mystery person texted Adam, saying he found what Adam was looking for. After blasting everyone at Jabot, which was celebrating the launch of Jabot Collective, a distracted Phyllis crashed her car into Adam’s. Phyllis team up with Adam to take down everyone who has wronged her and allow him to get his life and son, Christian, back. Billy was angry with Phyllis for using money borrowed from him to pay for her attempt to scam Jabot. Summer taunted Kyle by bringing Theo as her date to Billy and Victoria’s commitment ceremony.


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