The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow by Nancy M. Reichardt

'Days': Baby Got Switched

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope reminded Thomas that she wasn’t ready when he told her that he'd bought an engagement ring for her. Hope was upset when she couldn’t find a photo of Phoebe (Beth) that Liam put on her cellphone. Thomas kept mum that he deleted the photo on purpose. Flo was uneasy when Wyatt arranged for them to spend time with Steffy and Liam. Flo was riddled with guilt when Steffy thanked her for bringing Phoebe (Beth) into her and Liam’s lives. Emma, who heard Zoe and Xander arguing about the baby switch, blasted Xander for being a part of it.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After Will went into cardiac arrest, Rex and Sarah came up with an antidote to the formula in Dr. Rolf ‘s diary that brought Will back to life and caused Will’s brain tumor. Will’s parents, Sami and Lucas, and other family members were on hand when Marlena pronounced Will and Sonny married at the hospital. When Will told Sami he saw Caroline when he “died,” she told him that Caroline had actually just died. (“Days” used these scenes as a tribute to the late Peggy McCay, who played Caroline for 33 years.) Ciara and Tripp teamed up to get a confession after Ciara told him that Claire had set both fires at the Horton cabin. Eve told Claire that she needs professional help, reminding her that she nearly killed three people. Stefan was surprised that Nicole (Kristen) has a copy of Holly’s autopsy report.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Julian turned down Kim’s request to give her a baby, reminding her that she can’t replace Oscar. Laura surprised Mac by offering him the position of temporary police commissioner while Jordan is recovering from her transplant. Realizing that Valentin didn’t want Nina working with him, Jax refused when Valentin asked to buy his half of Aurora, which publishes Crimson magazine. Maxie threw a birthday bash for Peter, who admitted that no one had ever done that for him. Margaux told Drew that she was leaving town but wanted him to know that Shiloh is weirdly interested in finding out about Drew’s missing memories. Maxie, who is trying to reunite Lulu and Dante, heard Robert call a mystery person, who said that Dante is being deprogrammed at the WSB facility in Ithaca, New York. Michael told Willow that he learned her father, Douglas, died of a drug overdose.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nick was furious when he received legal papers from Adam, who is suing him for custody of Christian. Nick blasted Victoria for giving Adam the money he needed to sue, as well as to buy Dark Horse out from under Nick. Michael agreed to represent Nick in his fight to keep custody of Christian. Michael showed up just after Kevin learned that Phyllis had escaped from the storage room he had locked her in. Michael was stunned to learn that Chloe is still alive. Kevin said he had no idea where Phyllis is. Phyllis, with the help of a man named Riza, plans to get revenge against Adam. Elena helped Devon, who after a stressful day and a vision of his dead wife, Hilary, awoke in the night with a panic attack.