The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow by Nancy M. Reichardt

'GH': You Got to Be Kidney Me!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Thomas rushed in and unwittingly stopped Xander from telling Hope and Liam that Phoebe is actually Beth. Unaware of what was going on, Hope and Liam signed their annulment papers and are now waiting for the judge to finalize them. Thomas was stunned when Flo told him the complete story of how Reese switched Beth for a dead baby, which he told Hope was hers. When Thomas wanted to tell Hope the truth, Flo reminded him that Hope would go back to Liam if he did, so he kept mum. Liam moved in with Steffy and the girls.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Ben followed Claire to Smith Island and found the cabin on fire. Ben used a cloth to pick up the lighter that Claire used to start the blaze. Eli, who was after Ben, arrived and, seeing Ben with the lighter, arrested him on an arson charge. Eli saved Tripp and Haley, who was hospitalized. Eve was stunned when Claire admitted to starting the cabin fire, but told her to keep mum so that Eve would see that Ben took the fall and wound up in prison for life. Only Ciara believed Ben’s claim that Claire is the firebug who nearly killed Ciara, Tripp and Haley. Rafe convinced Lani to move on after pointing out that she thinks of baby David as her own child, and the three of them as a family. Xander gave up Rolf’s diary with the formula that could save Will’s life. J.J. and Haley said goodbye as she was about to be deported.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: After Shiloh said he would oust Harmony from Dawn of Day, she falsely told the police that she, not Shiloh, had drugged Sam before her DOD initiation. Jason, Sonny and Sam were stunned when the police released Shiloh, who wasn’t charged with drugging and attempting to rape Sam. Kristina begged Sonny not to kill Shiloh because she didn’t want his blood on her hands, so Sonny told Jason not to harm Shiloh. Shiloh conned a Dawn of Day member at a hospital to show him birth records proving that Willow had a “healthy” boy (the baby died after Lucas and Brad adopted him). Ryan, who is at Pentonville Prison, accused Finn and Kevin of illegally giving his kidney to Jordan, who questioned if the transplant was legal. Nelle, who is also at Pentonville, and who, along with Brad, knows that Wiley is her and Michael’s baby, paid Ryan a visit.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nick fumed when he learned that Adam paid off the debt on Nick’s business, Dark Horse, with money he got from Victoria, and now owns the company. Jack couldn’t help Nick financially, and Victor refused to give Nick money to get his company back. Nick refused when Adam offered to give Dark Horse back to him if Nick gave Adam custody of Christian. While everyone was searching for a missing Phyllis, a returned Kevin told Adam that he abducted her and would let her go if Adam revealed where Chloe and Bella are. Adam told Kevin that he hadn’t seen Chloe since she shot him when he returned to Genoa City -- but he actually had a mystery person abduct her and hold her prisoner. Elena was offended when Devon admitted that he secretly paid off her student loans. Lola and Kyle announced their engagement.