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'Days': Ben Didn't Start the Fire

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Zoe was blasting Flo about not being able to keep the secret of Beth being alive from Hope, just as Hope walked in the room. Zoe and Flo told Hope that they were talking about it being hard for Hope to lose Beth. Thomas let Hope read a letter purportedly from Caroline but that he actually wrote, which said that Caroline hoped Thomas would find a woman to love him and Douglas. As Thomas wished, Hope felt she was the woman whom Caroline wanted to be with Thomas and Douglas. Hope told Liam that their marriage is over. Steffy returned home with Kelly and Phoebe.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady gave Xander a job at Titan in order to get him to divorce Nicole. John vowed to find Dr. Rolf’s diary containing the ingredients for the serum that restored Will’s memory but has caused severe mood changes and a brain tumor. Jack won the mayoral race and shocked everyone by naming Eve the new police commissioner. Eve plans to send Ben, who killed her daughter Paige when he was mentally ill, to prison by framing him for the cabin fire that nearly killed Ciara. Ben was surprised to walk in on Claire, who hid the lighter that she'd used to set the cabin fire and planned to burn Tripp’s clothes with. While talking about Holly’s funeral, Nicole, who is Xander’s partner, reminded him that Holly is very much alive.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: As everyone showed off their dancing and singing talents at the Nurses Ball, Jason and Spinelli planted electronic devices in the Dawn of Day house to get the goods on Shiloh. In Canada, Curtis and Laura, who survived Ryan’s attempt to kill them, had the Canadian Mounties tell the Port Charles police that Ryan is alive and headed their way. Laura also called Jason to warn him about Ryan. Ryan decked Scott, who figured out Ryan's identity. Kevin was rescued after Ryan put him in a straitjacket and hung him from a ballroom ceiling. Shiloh heard Nina accuse Willow of not being able to care for her own child. Michael decked Shiloh as he grabbed Willow. Brad and Lucas feared that Riley is Shiloh’s son (he is Michael’s son). Ava is planning to kill Ryan. Finn proposed to Anna.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon heard a gunshot, ran to the tack house that Adam had moved into and found that he had been shot. Victor insisted on staying at Adam’s bedside, and when Adam came to after surgery, he suddenly regained his memory and said “Dad?” Nate told Victor that Adam would be fine. Billy, Nick and Victoria agreed to keep an eye on Adam since he can be dangerous. Adam told a mystery person that his plan is working. Hundreds of 100-dollar bills were found in Adam’s duffle bag. Rey and Arturo made amends after a paternity test proved that Arturo, not Rey, is the father of Mia’s baby. Arturo and Mia then moved to Florida. Sharon consoled Rey about not becoming a father, and then the two moved forward with their romance. A vengeful Phyllis set up her own business website by slightly changing the logo for Jabot’s new lifestyle line website.


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