The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow by Nancy M. Reichardt

'GH': Pieces of April

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam told Hope that Thomas is using her love for Douglas to lure her away from Liam, which is wrong. Hope told Liam that she loves him, and he said that he was going to look for a house so they would have a place of their own. Still wanting to take Hope away from Liam, Thomas encouraged Douglas to call Hope “Mommy Hope.” Zoe worried that Flo would reveal the baby switch now that she is living in the Forrester mansion. Bill passed Katie’s test when he rejected Shauna’s come-on, and they later told Will that they are going to get married again.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: In the fallout of Holly’s “death,” Hope suspended Rafe from the police force. After seeing him in a cozy scene with Lani and David, Hope sent Rafe divorce papers, which he signed. Hope was stunned when, also because of Holly’s “death,” she was fired. Ted quit his job as temporary district attorney when he couldn’t confirm from Xander’s actions whether Holly was alive or dead. Just before ICE was due to take Haley away, Melinda confessed that she is Haley’s mother, not her sister. Later, Haley and J.J. went on the run. Claire went postal when Tripp dumped her after learning that she and Ava sent ICE after Haley. Lani told Ciara that there was no way Ben would be allowed to spend time with his nephew David. Kayla told Will and Sonny that the medical formula Will used to regain his memory caused his tumor. Xander has the formula.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ned, Olivia and Monica held a memorial service that Oscar had planned before his death, and his family and friends talked lovingly of their time spent with him. Julian confronted Ava, blasting her for being with Kevin, who went along with her story that they are back together. Just as Kevin and Julian exchanged blows, the person Lulu hired to take photos of Ava and Kevin arrived. In Canada, a mystery woman, April, agreed to talk to Laura and Curtis, who later found her murdered. The man who knocked out Curtis and confronted Laura turned out to be Ryan, who is alive. Ryan had newspaper articles about Ava and Kevin. After a snowstorm ruined their plans to fly to Paris, Peter and Maxie made love for the first time. Valentin heard Michael tell Sasha that he would not reveal the fact that Nina isn’t her mother. The Nurses Ball got underway.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: In Vegas, Sharon and Rey learned from Victor that he had found his supposedly deceased son, Adam, who survived an explosion but has amnesia. Sharon talked to Adam and asked him to return to Genoa City to see if he could recover his memory. Adam had no real explanation when Sharon, who saw a photo of his son Christian, asked if he recognized the boy. Back home, Sharon was a bit surprised when Adam turned up on her doorstep. When Sharon left the room, Adam sent a text to a mystery person saying he was in Genoa City. Nick, Victoria and Billy aren’t convinced that Adam has amnesia, since he once faked blindness. Kyle and Lola decided to move in together. Summer realized that she had lost Kyle forever. Charges were dropped against Mia after she admitted to nearly killing Lola.