The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

Brady Black’s love life has been going in circles for years, so actor Eric Martsolf was happy when his “Days of Our Lives” character gave it a go solo for a few months.

“It was nice to see Brady spend a little bit of time alone,” admits Martsolf. “He recognized that he needed to work on himself if he was ever going to be in a healthy relationship. He had to make himself happy first, before he could contribute to a couple with anyone else.”

Of course, in true soap opera fashion, the romantic dry spell didn’t last too long. Brady has since shared a couple of kisses with his ex-wife Chloe.

“They share a past that will always be there between them and a genuine friendship now,” notes Martsolf. “Brady has a glimmer of romance with (her), again, although Stefan is also in the picture.”

Meanwhile, with another ex, Kristen DiMera, back in Salem, things are definitely getting interesting again.

“I love Kristen. I am a huge fan of Kristen, whether she’s being played by Eileen (Davidson) or Stacy (Haiduk). The character is a villainous train wreck. She’s fun to have on the canvas, because anything is possible and interesting things happen when she’s around.”

Especially for Martsolf’s Brady, who has a definite soft spot for the duplicitous bad girl.

“No matter what the struggle is between them, I still try to play that magnetism that they have with each other and that pull,” explains Martsolf. “They can’t stay away from each other. It’s inevitable. No matter what she does, no matter what circumstances they’re in, that will always be underneath.”

Martsolf comprehends the twisted connection between the two characters.

“I agree with something Kristen once said to Brady about how they understand each other,” recounts Martsolf. “She said something like, ‘We are two broken people. We’re not like the constantly heroic people in town who want to constantly save the day. We’re just trying to save ourselves and find something with one another.’”

For that reason, Martsolf enjoys “watching (Brady and Kristen) struggle to be together."

Martsolf also believes Brady’s pull toward Kristen rings true to who Brady is at the core.

“Brady is an addict, and he always will be,” points our Martsolf. “He’s a man who’s trying to find happiness in a really crazy town. He’s just trying to find a little sanity in world of insanity.”


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