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'Days': Just Say No to Thugs

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke, Donna and Katie were stunned when the DNA test Flo had done proved that she is the daughter of their deceased brother, Storm Logan. Shauna told the Logan sisters that she hadn’t known Storm was Flo’s father or that he had died. Flo said that she never told Shauna she was pregnant when Shauna insisted that Flo had never been pregnant. Flo told Shauna about her part in Reese’s baby-switch and that the baby he sold was Hope’s. Thomas, who has feelings for Hope, agreed when she said that Liam should go to Paris to be with Steffy and the girls.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eli saved Chloe, who was about to be shot by one of the drug cartel thugs. At the DiMera mansion, another cartel thug threatened Ciara (who was there with Ben) and Gabi, who sent a text to Rafe for help. Ben and Rafe arrived together, just as a cartel thug held a gun on Ciara. Rafe was shot as he pushed Gabi away from another thug. Gabi ran to Rafe, who was later hospitalized, and Ben went after Ciara, who was taken hostage by yet another cartel thug. Hope and Ben teamed up to rescue Ciara. Fearing that Tripp would go to prison, Claire kept mum that his and Haley's wedding was a sham. Adrienne failed to prevent Jack from saying his “I do’s” with Eve. Will had a seizure just before undergoing a biopsy to see if his brain tumor is cancerous. At the hospital, Eli told Rafe that he heard Ted talking to someone on the phone about Hope and Chloe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason kidnapped Kristina from the Dawn of Day compound, and he and Sonny took her to a safe place to keep Shiloh from finding her. Jason took a cup that Kristina had drunk from to the hospital for testing, but seeing Brad with the cup, Shiloh made sure there was no trace of anything on the cup. Sam had no choice except to agree when Shiloh, who is sure that Jason kidnapped Kristina, asked Sam to help him find her. Jason and Sonny worried about what Shiloh might have done to Kristina after Michael told them what Willow said was involved in the loyalty pledge to Shiloh's cult. Valentin heard Spencer tell Nina that he is keeping secrets about Sasha. Liz and Franco talked to Cameron about the fact that Aiden may someday identify as gay. Brad was not happy that Willow has decided to stay in Port Charles. Michael and Sasha got closer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Abby prepared for the opening of her and Devon’s new restaurant, Society, featuring Lola as the chef. Mariah and Tessa panicked when someone threw a brick with a threatening message through the window of the coffeehouse. Cane prepared a domestic setting for Lily, who was released from prison early for good behavior. Cane was later upset when Lily said she was ending their marriage but hoped she would give him another chance. Billy proposed to a surprised Victoria, despite the fact they decided to go slow with their renewed romance. Victoria and Nikki looked through Victor’s office in hopes of finding out what he is up to after he was seen in Las Vegas and had been in New Zealand and Istanbul. Phyllis threatened to publish steamy photos that she had of Kyle and Lola if Jack didn’t give her Fenmore’s.


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