The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'Y&R': Mama Mia!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Quinn was stunned when Shauna told her that Bill could be Flo’s father. Quinn “introduced” Shauna to Bill, who didn’t remember her until she mentioned their one-night stand in Las Vegas years ago. Wyatt helped Flo, who had a DNA test done in hopes of learning her father’s identity. Wyatt and Flo were shocked to learn they could be half-siblings. Hope interrupted Flo, who was about to tell the truth about Phoebe actually being Beth. Flo was racked with guilt when Hope insisted that she felt a connection to Flo because both didn’t have their babies.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Will and Sonny were devastated when they learned that Will has a brain tumor and needs surgery that could kill him. Rafe was upset that Hope rejected his offer to help take care of Jordan’s baby, David. Rafe took David and moved out after Hope admitted that Ted said he loved her and asked her to leave Rafe. Claire admitted to Eve that she set the cabin fire that nearly killed Ciara. Eve assured Claire that Ben would be taking the fall for the fire. Claire crashed Tripp and Haley’s wedding planning to play a recording of the couple admitting that they're getting married only to keep Haley from being deported. Jack told Jennifer, who tried to stop him, that he was going to marry Eve, but Eve worried when Jack didn’t show for their quickie wedding. Abe, who is running against Jack for mayor, backed off when Abe and Sheila nearly kissed in public.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Chase got Shiloh to leave when he came to Willow’s schoolroom and tried to get her to return to Dawn of Day. Willow told Chase that being indoctrinated into Dawn of Day involved having sex with Shiloh. Sonny and Jason came up with a plan for Jason to get Kristina out of Dawn of Day before anything bad happens to her. After Kristina gave Shiloh $10,000, she was prepared by Harmony and Daisy for her indoctrination into the cult's elite “circle of trust.” Jason kidnapped an unconscious Kristina, who had been drugged, and took her to Sonny’s home. Finn’s attempt to propose to Anna was thwarted when Robert interrupted, talking about Anna’s sister Alex. Anna became convinced that Alex is Robin’s mother, but made Anna believe that she is Robin’s mother. Chase and Willow made love. Lulu said her goodbyes and she and Rocco moved to Paris.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon confronted Rey after Mia left a sonogram photo of her baby tacked to Sharon’s front door. Sharon later confronted Mia, who suddenly complained of abdominal pain, and Sharon got her to the hospital. When Rey arrived, the doctor did an ultrasound on Mia, who was actually stunned to see the fetus and hear the baby’s heartbeat. Rey told Sharon that he thinks Arturo could be the father of Mia’s baby. Billy tracked Victoria to Las Vegas and was shocked when she admitted having had a one-night-stand with musician Brandon Rose. Billy kissed Victoria, convincing her they should reconcile. After Jack and Kyle planned to launch an apparel and lifestyle line for Jabot, Jack learned that Ashley used an “electronic bug” to steal his idea and use it for her company, My Beauty. Devon gave Tessa another chance at a musical career.


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