The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'Y&R': Donor? I Barely Know 'er!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Flo was stunned when Hope arrived at the Bikini Bar. Flo overheard Hope talking to Katie about losing her baby, and, after Katie left, Flo told Hope that she was Phoebe’s birth mother and had to give the child up for adoption. Zoe arrived just as Flo was on the verge of telling Hope that Phoebe is actually Hope's daughter Beth, but Zoe silenced Flo before she could spill the beans. Hope told Liam about meeting Flo, and both were surprised to see Flo (also Wyatt’s ex-girlfriend), at Wyatt and Sally’s dinner party. Taylor advised Steffy to let Liam return to her, Kelly and Phoebe.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Diana offered to get Leo to lay off Will and Sonny if, in return, Victor arranged to separate John and Marlena so that she can have John for herself. Victor later told Marlena that John and Diana were once involved years ago and that she left town without telling him that she was pregnant with his baby. Marlena confronted John, who admitted to believing that Leo is his son, but they decided to get Leo’s DNA to prove it. Diana decided to “get rid” of Marlena for good, after learning that Marlena and John didn’t split up. Stefan, who wants a romantic relationship with Chloe, hired Ben to keep tabs on her and watch out for El Fideo’s men, who are after her. A jealous Claire immediately tipped off the authorities after learning that Tripp was letting Hayley hide from ICE agents at the loft. Rafe warned Ted to stay away from Hope. Rex pressed Eric to get Sarah, who said no, to accept Rex’s marriage proposal.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Finding a secret door to a tunnel in the Ferncliff basement, Kevin, who is still blind, had Laura go for help. Curtis and Chase found a message from Franco telling Jordan that Ryan is the serial killer. Laura found Chase and Curtis and told them about Ryan, and they rescued Kevin. In a parking garage, Ryan knocked out Carly and stuffed her in the trunk of his car after realizing that she had stumbled onto his true identity. An unwitting Ava eloped with “Kevin” (Ryan), who put her suitcase in the trunk with Carly, and they drove to Niagara Falls. Franco survived surgery for his knife wound and told Chase about Ryan. Curtis told Jordan, who survived surgery to remove a kidney, that she needs a kidney transplant. Oscar had a seizure while in Niagara Falls with Joss, Cameron and Trina. Ava found Carly in the trunk, and Cameron literally ran into Ryan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Summer was shocked when she received news that she is a liver donor match for Lola. Summer blackmailed Kyle into agreeing to marry her on a one-year trial before she agreed to be Lola’s donor. At Nikki, Sharon and Victoria’s trial, Michael -- Nikki and Victoria’s lawyer -- grilled Mariah about how she obtained the video (Phyllis gave it to the police) of the women putting J.T.’s body in the trunk. With Phyllis’ help, Christine interrogated Tessa, getting her to admit to blackmailing the women to keep quiet. Things looked bad for Sharon, Victoria and especially Nikki after Christine questioned Phyllis, who testified that Nikki ran at J.T. and hit him on the head with a poker. Kristine made it appear that Nikki killed J.T. on purpose. Kerry agreed to help Phyllis prevent Nick and Billy from dumping her as CEO of Jabot.


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