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'Days': Marlena's Highway to Hell

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Caroline’s parents, Taylor and Ridge, along with the Forrester and Spencer family members mourned together after Thomas told them Caroline died from a sudden blood clot. Ridge told Taylor to back off after she thought Hope, Thomas and Douglas, who have a connection, should be together. Taylor also wants Liam and Steffy, who postponed her trip to Paris, to reunite. Sally, who is Thomas’ ex, said she was happy he had the time he did with Caroline. Ridge told Brooke, who returned from Europe and saw him kissing Taylor, there was nothing to worry about.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: While Kayla and Sarah tried to revive Marlena, who flatlined, Marlena had a vision of being in a white room with Tony DiMera, Princess Gina (Hope lookalike) and Andre, who are all dead, and except for Tony were ready to escort her to hell. After reliving all the bad and the good things that occurred in her lifetime, Marlena exited the white room. In the hospital, John was begging Marlena to come back to life, and while telling her how much he loves her, the heart monitor began beeping, and she opened her eyes. With Hayley about to be deported, she accepted Tripp’s offer to marry her, which angered Claire. Ben insisted to Ciara they can’t be together after she was shot at by El Fido’s thugs, who mistook her for Chloe. Diana worried she left her DNA behind when she tried to kill Marlena. Hope and Rafe confirmed their love at an anniversary dinner.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna was stunned when her twin sister, Alex, who is a fugitive, arrived in Port Charles, blind like Anna had been. Alex told Anna that Dr. Cabot told her all about his twin memory transfer project. Anna demanded to know what memories of Alex's she has, and Alex said the WSB mission that Anna believed she messed up, costing a man’s life, was actually done by Alex. After Alex’s confession, Finn agreed to perform the surgery to restore Alex’s eyesight. Anna was angry that Alex flirted with Finn. In Turkey, Dante pretended to shoot Sonny, and then they fought off Raj’s men. Dante shot Raj as Robert arrived on the scene. Kim, Drew and Oscar were devastated to learn Oscar’s tumor has gotten larger. Willow, who had a past terrifying experience with Shiloh and DOD, planned to leave town. Michael failed to get Kristina to quit the DOD cult.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: After convincing Rey that J.T. is alive, Rey arranged for the van taking Victoria, Nikki and Sharon to prison to actually take the women to the Abbott cabin. As part of the trap to lure J.T. into the open, Billy and Nick found an electronic bug in Victoria’s home and, knowing J.T. would be listening, revealed the women were in hiding. Billy and Phyllis arrived at the cabin just as a gas pipe that J.T. broke exploded. Kyle took Summer (in disguise) to the hospital and the liver transplant was done on Summer and Lola. Kyle worried when Summer didn’t wake up right away, while Lola was fine. Devon followed Ana to a motel, where he met Elena, a nurse who was taking care of Ana’s ailing father, famous musician Jet Slade. Mia ordered Arturo to get Rey, who dumped her, to take her back, or Mia would tell Abby that she and Arturo have slept together.


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