The Soaps: Tune In Tomorrow

'GH': A Bridge Too Far

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: The Forester and Logan families were thrilled when Thomas Forrester and his son Douglas, who had been living in New York City, returned to Los Angeles. After Hope and Flo left a dinner party, Sally mentioned to Wyatt that Hope and Flo had been pregnant at the same time and that neither one now has a baby. Steffy refused when Taylor urged her not to take Phoebe and Kelly to Europe. Reese demanded that Zoe and a reluctant Flo must never reveal Phoebe is Hope’s daughter, Beth.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Leo caught John, who cracked Diana’s safe and took the document that proves that Leo killed his “father,” Richard Cooper. After telling Leo that he is his father, John gave Leo the document after Leo called the police and dropped the charges he lodged against Will and Sonny. Determined to have John for herself, Diana injected cookies with penicillin, knowing that Marlena is allergic to it, and signed a note with Hayley’s name. Diana rushed to the hospital, where she was angry to find that Marlena had survived. Nurse Shelly, lying, said that Kristin injected Marlena. After getting a tip that Hayley was hiding out in Tripp’s loft, Ted showed up with Eli and Lani, who arrested Hayley. J.J. hired Justin to defend Hayley in court. Chloe and Stefan kissed, but she indicated that she isn’t ready for a relationship. Brady saw Eric and Sarah kissing.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: In Niagara Falls, Jason and Laura caught up with Ava and Ryan on a bridge. Ryan went bonkers, kissed Ava then grabbed her and jumped off the bridge, but Jason was able to pull Ava to safety while Ryan went into the river. The police told Jason and Laura that because of the cold, rushing water, Ryan “probably” didn’t survive. At first, Ava didn’t believe Laura’s claim that Ava has been with Ryan, not Kevin, who was a hostage for months. Ava was hysterical after realizing that she had slept with Ryan only a short time after he had killed her daughter Kiki. Jason was able to save Carly, whom Ryan had tossed over another bridge. Franco told Elizabeth he couldn’t tell her at the time that he was working with Jordan to capture Ryan before he killed again. In Turkey, Dev warned Sonny that Raj Patel, who has Dante, is a ruthless man.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: In the J.T. murder trial, Nikki received 30 years in prison, and Victoria and Sharon received multi-year prison sentences. Knowing Summer would not go through with being Lola’s liver donor if he didn’t marry her, Kyle tied the knot with her before she left for the hospital. Summer denied it when Abby suspected that she is the liver donor. Unaware that Summer is the liver donor for their sister, Arturo and Rey told Kyle to stay away from her. Rey admitted to Arturo that he told Sharon he loves her and that his marriage to Mia has been over for years. Mariah told Tessa that she was sticking by her after her arrest for extortion. Phyllis is unaware that Kerry, who signed an agreement to let Jabot market a cologne she invented, is working for a mystery boss and is out to ruin Phyllis and Jack.


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